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The Illinois Prairie Voyagers (IPV) motorcycle club slipped into existance in 1986. Two northern Illinois Kawasaki Voyager 1300 riders happened upon each other one day. At the time the Voyager was a far rarer bird than it is today and this chance meeting sparked an idea into the two. Thus was the beginings of the Illinois Prairie Voyagers.

A string of events led to the further formation of the American Voyager Association (AVA) from the ranks of the IPV in 1988. The IPV continued on to serve Illinois motorcycle riders and become an affiliated chapter of the new national organization.

The club serves as a vehicle where members participate in monthly and seasonal events. The events range from all too brief meetings usually at a restaurant during the coldest months and on up to motorcycle rides spanning two or more days. If you have more questions feel free to join in the IPV forums. Many club members frequent the discussions and will be more than happy to answer your questions.

This very brief commentary is missing much of the rich history of both of these organizations. A more complete history will be posted as the facts are compiled and fashioned appropriately.

Joining the Illinois Prairie Voyagers Motorcycle Club

Today the Illinois Prairie Voyagers is not limited to Kawasaki Voyager rider/owners. While it is currently the most common motorcycle in the club there is a wide variety of Japanese, European, and American motorcycles owned by the membership. Annual club dues are currently $15 per couple or $7.50 for a solo rider. If you are interested in joining the club you can download or view a membership application below. If you print the form, mail it to the address given on the form, or fill it out and bring it with the membership fee to the next IPV meeting or event and present it to one of the club officers.

 Download Membership Application 
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